Total renovation of a very tired pool, Using Renolit AlkorPlan

This was a renovation for a very special client, my parents!

The pool was renovated by my father in the year 2000, after they bought the house. My father tiled the pool, installed the surround and did some work to the terrace, it looked very nice when first done. After 20 years, it was time for some renovation.

The pool was in a very bad condition, as it was leaking. The skimmer bucket had broken, the pool had cracked across its width and tiles were starting to come off. He was having problem keeping the pool clean, as it was leaking and was being constantly filled from a well.

Originally the pool was built in the 1960’s. It was built before the house, the original owner used the finca for weekends, growing vegetables and having family gatherings. The original part of the house was built in the 70’s. The next owner tiled the pool, extended the house, finally my parents bought it in the late 90’s and put their touch on things.

One of the things that we did here, that is a little unconventional was to change the position of the skimmers to the shallow end. There was only one skimmer and 2 jets, but the jets pumped in the opposite direction to the prevailing wind, rendering the skimmer useless, as the leaves never made it to the skimmer. By changing the skimmers to the opposite end, adding a second, we should be able to make the filtration much more effective.

There were a few loose coping stones, which we re-fixed.

The lights were removed, as the pool is no longer used at night.

The next big change was the choice of colour, here Persia Sand was chosen with TOUCH Sublime for the steps.

As you can see, the transformation of this swimming pool is pretty amazing. The renovation was well worthwhile, giving my parents a trouble free pool for many years to come.