Swimming pool refurbishment, Velez-Blanco, Almeria

A tired old swimming pool, with a leaking structure was the last thing that the owner needed to do to finish the refurbishment of his home.

The pipes in the pool had been pressure tested and found to be all ok, this only leaves the possibility of problems in the structure.

The Renolit AlkorPlan membrane is guaranteed to waterproof the structure and is also the cosmetic finish.

It takes our highly trained team around 2 days to finish a project like this. The AlkorPlan installation is relatively mess free and the swimming pool can be refilled immediately. There’s not really any drying time.

The process starts by adapting the swimming pool to be liner compatible. Lights, drains and jets are replaced, skimmers are either replaced or adapted (depending on the type).

Here we installed Renolit Bysance, giving the pool a fresh new look.

We install throughout Southern Spain and Portugal. The best time to refurbish your swimming pool is when you are not using it. Don’t leave it until a few weeks before the guests arrive!