Swimming pool liner replacement, Rio Gordo, Malaga, Spain

The new owners of this beautiful country house in Rio Gordo, Malaga, wanted to put their personal touch on the home and the swimming pool.

This swimming pool originally had a liner fitted in 2001, as the painted pool structure had cracked and was leaking, so there was really no choice other than to install a reinforced liner. The original liner was not leaking, but the pool was.

As part of the installation here, we removed the old liner, checked the integrity of all the fittings inside the pool. We found that the light niche was broken, so this had to be replaced and the opportunity was taken to upgrade it to an LED light. The broken light niche was the source of the swimming pool leak.

Steps were built in the corner of the pool to make getting in and out of the pool easier and also give some seating in the swimming pool, where the view could be admired.

This project took our highly skilled team around 30 hours to complete. If you would like to know how much it costs to replace a swimming pool liner, click for a personalised price.

The material chosen here is the Renolit AlkorPlan CERAMICS “Selene”.

If you are planning on renovating your swimming pool, the time to plan the work is when you are not using the pool, not a couple of weeks before the guests arrive.