How to choose the correct colour swimming pool liner

Your swimming pool is undoubtedly the centre piece of your garden or terrace and as such you need to be sure that you are choosing the correct type and colour of finish.

Persia Blue will always be the most popular in Southern Spain and Southern Portugal. It’s bright blue finish perfectly compliments the Mediterranean home.

There are many other colours than Persia Blue, so we have tried to put together an article that introduces you to the variety available. When we show samples its difficult to imagine how they will look in your pool. No matter what colour the chosen finish is, the pool water will always be a blue or turquoise colour.  It is much like looking out to sea, the colour of the water changes, depending on the colour of sand or rock below and the depth of the water, but it is always a shade of blue or turquoise. Your swimming pool follows the same principals.

What sort of home is it? Modern, traditional? What is the condition of the pool build? Modern homes tend to lend themselves better to bold choices, such as greys, white etc, where the clean lines of the build are reflected by the swimming pool. If the home is more traditional, then a finish such as Persia Blue, Persia Sand or CERAMICS Atenea is more suitable.

When choosing the finish, it is also important to consider how well the pool has been built. If the interior of the pool is not straight or even, then we don’t recommend a solid colour. An AlkorPlan 3000, CERAMICS or TOUCH is more suited.

The Renolit AlkorPlan range is broadly divided into 4 ranges. The 2 standard ranges are AlkorPlan 2000, which is solid plain colours and AlkorPlan 3000 which are stamped colours.


The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000 range comes in 7 attractive different colours: White, Sand, Light Blue, Adriatic Blue, Caribbean Green, Light Grey and Dark Grey. This range offers high-quality membranes that withstand ageing and weather coated with a varnish that makes them highly stable against U.V. rays.

Renolit AlkorPlan 2000

AlkorPlan 2000 Colours

Here a video showing how a grey liner can give a stunning effect. Note how the water still looks blue.


The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN3000 range offers the same quality guarantees as RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000 but with endless modern designs and textures that make your swimming pool your garden’s focus of attention: Persia Blue, Persia Sand, Persia Black, Mosaic, Carrara, Marble, Byzantium Blue and Platinum.

Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 1

Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 colours

Renolit AlkorPlan Colours available

Here a video example of Persia Sand, showing the beautiful turquiose effect.


The next up is Renolit CERAMICS. This is a slightly thicker liner, as it has the pattern of mosaic tiles stamped into it, so has the feel and look of mosaic tiles, with none of the disadvantages. It is non slip so can be used in shallow pools or on the treads of steps.

ceramics SELENE



RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS is a reinforced membrane with the relief and appearance of ceramic mosaic. Necessarily thicker than the standard 2000 and 3000 membranes in order to achieve the relief, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS is one of the best looking linings on the market.
The three models are Selene, Atenea and Etna.

Here an example of a CERAMICS ETNA installation, this demonstrates that the finished pool is very different from the small sample –


The top of the range is Renolit AlkorPlan TOUCH, which is has the texture and look of natural stone.

Renolit Touch 1

Renolit touch 2


TOUCH is RENOLIT ALKORPLAN‘s reinforced membrane with a thickness of 2mm. This makes it the strongest and most durable on the market. The other big difference from what is currently on the market is its great appeal. TOUCH is the first reinforced lining with 3D relief that emulates natural features like natural rock, slate, granite or sand, and also gives a very pleasant touch sensation which unleashes your senses.

The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH harmoniously combines the pool’s aesthetics also providing total watertightness of the membrane. The TOUCH models are: Authentic, Relax, Elegance, Vanity, Sublime and Prestige.

Here is stunning example of a Sublime finish installed near the beach. In this case a blue tiled effect just would not have had the same impact.

This is an example of a TOUCH Elegance. Any other colour choice here would not have looked the same. We hope you agree!

With over 20 years experience working with swimming pools on the Iberian peninsula, we have built up an enviable reputation. We try our best to recommend the colour and finished best suited to the pool, but ultimately it is a personal choice that you have to make.

If you are considering a new look for your swimming pool, contact us as soon as possible, so that we can arrange quotes and site visits. Try not to put off your renovation project until the last minute, as there are only so many working weeks in a year, with variables such as weather and pandemic viruses to take into account. The best time to renovate your pool is when you are not using it autumn and winter, not 2 weeks before the guests arrive!

We work throughout mainland Spain and Portugal