How to change a liner in an inground steel panel pool. If you have a steel panelled swimming pool, the chances are that it still has its original bag liner. The bag or kit liners are a very thin one piece liner and have a fairly short lifespan.

So how to renovate your inground swimming pool?

The Renolit AlkorPlan 2000 and 3000 ranges of liners are more than double the thickness of the original liner and are reinforced with polyester mesh. The liners are so thick that they are made onsite. The rolls of material are 1m60cm wide. The material is fused together with hot air welding.

The first step is to cut away the old liner and dispose of. Once the old liner is removed, the walls can be checked to make sure that there are no significant issues. The fittings are dismantled and checked for damage. In rare cases they can have been damaged during the original installation through overtightening of the screws.

The top profile is riveted in place. Then the wall sections are installed. If there are prefabricated steps in the pool, we cover these as well, as they are prone to cracking and leaks around the seals.

Then the floor sections are welded to the wall sections. Once all the Renolit AlkorPlan membrane is welded into place, the seams are sealed with liquid PVC. The joint under the coping stones is sealed with polyurethane. The accessories are reinstalled, the skimmers, lights, drain, jets etc. That’s it! The pool is ready to be filled, no drying time, no waiting.

Here we used Marble from the Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 range, with contrasting non-slip material for the steps.

Although our installations are quick, you need to plan your liner change or pool project well in advance. There are only a limited number of working days in a year, we have to work around bad weather, pandemic virus, supply chain issues etc. So don’t delay, book your pool renovation today. Prices are seasonal, so Autumn and Winter installations are more economical than Spring and Summer.

We work throughout Southern Spain and Portugal.