Waterproofing newly built leaking swimming pool, Benalmadena, Costa del Sol

This interesting little pool was built in the garden of a small holiday home in Benalmadena. The design makes the best use of the space and shape of the garden, leaving plenty of space for tables and chairs.

Although the design of the pool is good, the build is terrible.

The swimming pool was built above ground on the heavily sloping plot, the terrace around the pool is supported by beams and hollow underneath, allowing us access to the pool walls. It was built from breeze blocks, then waterproofed. The structure is just not strong enough to support the weight of the water. If a wall of a house gets a hairline crack, it is unsightly, but doesn’t affect anything, but if a swimming pool gets a hairline crack, the water leaks out of it.

This leaves the client disappointed, having paid for work that hasn’t met expectations, putting up with the neighbours complaining about damp from the leaking swimming pool and facing having to pay to rectify the problem.

The only rectification that could be done in this case was to install a Renolit AlkorPlan reinforced pool liner. This membrane is both the cosmetic finish and the waterproofing. It is guaranteed not to leak. Solutions using tiles, waterproof renders etc would not have been successful, as the structure is not strong enough, so these renders would flex too much, leaking again.

The installation here took around 11 hours. We rectified some other issues, such as the light being far too high on the wall of the pool. The client chose to eliminate the drain in the pool, as it is not needed for filtration (liner pools only use skimmers for filtration) and the pool looks better without it. The tile will be replaced above the skimmer, when the replacements arrive.

The colour is Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 Persia Blue, with matching non slip Persia Blue non slip treads.

If you are having ongoing problems with a leaking swimming pool, contact us for a no obligation quote. Keep in mind that the best time to plan works for your pool is when you are not using it during Autumn and Winter. Every year we get dozens of calls to repair pools on short time constraints because guests are coming in a week, or family are coming. This leaves clients disappointed. If your pool is leaking, act now!

Swimming pool repair, Benalmadena

Swimming pool repair, Benalmadena