Swimming Pool Reform, Renolit AlkorPlan, Torreblanca, Malaga

Renovation of an old cracked and leaking pool in Torreblanca, Mijas Costa. The refurbishment of this swimming pool started by changing the fittings, such as the skimmers, jets, drain and lights for liner compatible ones. For the lights, we always replace with LED, further reducing ongoing maintenance.

If it is possible to make small alterations to ensure that there will be less possible problems in the future, then we do them. In this case there was some access under the pool. 2 sides of the pool were completely open and 2 sides had access to half way around. Buried in the parts that had no access were pipes for 1 of the jets and one of the skimmers. If there was ground movement in the future, it could easily break one of these pipes causing a leak. To prevent this, we capped off the jets with the pipe buried in the ground and moved one of the skimmers to where the old autofill was. Should there ever be a leak in the plumbing, all the pipes are now fully accesible.

The cracks in the pool were patched to leave the surfaces smooth, then we installed the excellent Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 Persia Blue reinforced pool membrane. This is both the waterproofing and cosmetic finish. It is an easy care swimming pool surfacing, with no cement grout to harbour algae or glass tiles to chip and break. The Renolit AlkorPlan system is guaranteed not to leak!


Planning works when you are not using the swimming pool is the most sensible thing to do. Although installations are quick and fuss free, there can be unexpected delays, due to rain, pandemic viruses etc. Our advise is not to put off works until a few weeks before you want to use the pool, this avoids disappointment. Planning for works in the autumn or winter months ensures that you have a trouble free beautiful pool for summer.

Here are some photos and a at the end a video of the installation.

Swimming Pool renovation, Torreblanca

Swimming Pool renovation, Torreblanca, Fuengirola, Mijas

Cracked pool repairs

Cracked pool repairs, Torreblanca, Fuengirola, Mijas

Reinforced swimming pool liner

Reinforced swimming pool liner, Torreblanca, Fuengirola, Mijas

Swimming pool refurbishment

Swimming pool refurbishment. Torreblanca, Fuengirola, Mijas

Renolit AlkorPlan swimming Pool liners

Renolit AlkorPlan swimming Pool liners, Torreblanca, Mijas, Fuengirola

Renolit AlkorPlan Installers

Renolit AlkorPlan Installers, Mijas, Torreblanca, Fuengirola

Repairing cracks in a swimming pool

Repairing cracks in a swimming pool

Cracked swimming pool

Cracked swimming pool

Reinforced swimming pool liners

Renolit Reinforced swimming pool liners, Malaga, Spain