Repair leaking pool and renovation, Mijas, Malaga

A poorly built swimming pool, in need of repair. This pool is located in La Cala de Mijas, nr to Fuengirola and Marbella. The installation of the Renolit reinforced pool membrane, totally reforms the pool and stops the leaks.

The pool structure was at fault because of poorly sprayed concrete. The concrete was very sandy and of insufficient density to be waterproof. The plumbing in the pool had been pressure tested and eliminated as a source of the leak. The lights were also carefully inspected and nothing was found to be wrong.

When this happens, the only logical source of the leak, is the structure of the pool. In a tiled pool, it is almost impossible to find the source of the leak, unless there is an obvious crack, as the tiles cover any problem areas of concrete. In this case the concrete structure was porous.

At this point, there is 2 choices.

1. is to start breaking out parts of the pool structure and look for bad concrete. Or start breaking out around the fittings looking for bad seal in the concrete. This is hit n miss, it leaves the pool looking like a patch work quilt, with no way of knowing if the leak has been solved until the pool is refilled. This work and the water will be expensive.

2. Install an AlkorPlan liner, leave the pool looking fantastic, with a 10 year leak free guarantee.

Which would you choose? Do the job right, once, its the most economical in the long run.

If you are planning works to your pool, it is best planned in the off season, giving time for any potential problems to be overcome. Leaving the works until 2 weeks before the guests arrive for holidays can cause unnecessary problems! Contact us today to discuss your swimming pool liner or renovation

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