Cracked & Leaking Pool Repair & Reform, Arenas, Velez-Malaga, Malaga

This pool was a self build by the previous owner of the house. It has a fantastic form and really looks good, especially now we we have renovated it and made it waterproof!

This swimming pool was leaking from vertical cracks in the structure. These were caused by poor design and poor building methods.

The design of the pool was poor because the pool is very long, but the narrowest point is in the middle of the 13m length, creating an inherent weakness in the design. At this narrowest point, the pool cracked both sides. If the standard of construction had been good, maybe this would not have happened.

The quality of the swimming pool construction was poor. It has been built on reclaimed ground, not uncommon in Spain. This is not a problem if the foundation is good. Instead of being built with reinforced concrete, breeze blocks filled with concrete were used. This will never be as strong as plant mixed concrete poured over steel cages and properly vibrated.

The Renolit AlkorPlan liner is a solution specified by architects and civil engineers for the waterproofing of flawed structures, as the material has a guaranteed 3% capacity. (other versions of AlkorPlan lining are used for reservoirs, tunnels and waterproofing of factory roofs). This 3% equates to allowing movement of 3cm per metre. No other swimming pool waterproofing has this guarantee.

For this pool, we installed the Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 membrane in Persia Blue with matching non slip material for the treads of the steps. A renolit liner can be fitted to your pool as a renovation method. Your pool doesn’t have to be broken.

If you are planning to have your pool renovated, contact us today. The best time to do this kind of work is after Summer when the pool is out of use.

Swimming pool renovation

Swimming pool renovation, Velez-Malaga

Pool crack repair, Velez-Malaga

Pool renovation & leak repair, Velez-Malaga

Renolit Pool Liner installer Malaga

Renolit Liner for renovating leaking swimming pool, Velez-Malaga

Renolit Pool Liner

Renolit AlkorPlan Persia Blue pool lining membrane

Cracked pool, Renolit Liner

Cracked, leaking pool repairs in Malaga

Renolit liner, Arenas, Malaga

Arenas pool renovation, using Renolit liner

Swimming pool reforms, Malaga

Swimming pool reforms, using Renolit liner, Malaga

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