Cracked pool repair and renovation, Tolox, Málaga.

Tolox is a small village near to Alozaina, Coin, Guaro and Monda. It is situated on the road from Coin to Ronda.

This pool had suffered structural cracking due to the poor construction initially and the ground moving. Part of the pool and had been built on an excavated area and part built on spoil.

The pool cracked both sides “breaking its back”. This caused huge water leaks. The previous owners of the house had attempted to repair the cracks, but this was not successful, as you can see from the photos, it also looked awful.

One of the other problems caused by the ground moving was that it broke the pipes from one of the skimmers and the hoover socket. In order to leave the pool as trouble free as possible, we have removed these. They were not really needed and were 2 points that the pool could leak from, as the ground at that side of the pool is moving.

Another pipe we had to repair was the pipe for the main drain. The pipe was not leaking but had been chlorine damaged. This is not common in drain pipes of swimming pools, but in this case it was because the pool had to be over-chlorinated as it was leaking and then the pool could only circulate the water using the drain, as one of the skimmer pipes was leaking. The chlorine damage had caused the pipe to become very brittle.

The pool has been lined and waterproofed using Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 Persia Blue. This will guarantee that the structure is leak free.

This pool also benefits from the installation of a salt chlorination system, to give softer, sparkling water and lower maintenance. The salt water is kinder on the skin in comparison to regular chlorine.

If you would like your pool renovating or repairing because it is leaking, then get in touch with us today.

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