Replacement Liner, WaterAir Prefabricated pool, Malaga

Rincon de la Victoria, Malaga.

This kit liner started to fail, allowing the salt water from the swimming pool to come into contact with the steel panels of the pool.

This created a lot of corrosion, meaning that a welding team had to be called in to repair the panels, making them strong enough to be able to install the new liner.

The panels were then sanded and coated with rustproofing.

The new replacement pool liner installed in this swimming pool, is the versatile Persia Sand, from the Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 range. For the steps, we used Renolit AlkorPlan Touch. The steps were covered with the liner material as well, as this eliminates the risk of a leak between the pool liner and the prefabricated fibreglass steps.

The new reinforced liner will give many years of service, as it’s lacquered finish makes it far superior to the original.

New LED par 56 bulbs were also installed, further reducing the amount of maintenance that the pool will need in the future. This is a sensible upgrade, especially if the light fittings are new. Par56 light fittings tend to leak if they have been taken apart to replace the bulbs, which then further reduces the life of the replacement bulbs. Not to mention that they are a bit of a pain to actually work on! Having to reach down into the pool water to undo the screws can be quite unpleasant in winter.

Replacement pool liner Malaga

Replacement pool liner La Cala Moral

Steel pool liner replacement

Steel pool liner replacement, Malaga, Spain

Renolit AlkorPlan swimming pool liner, Malaga, Spain

Renolit AlkorPlan swimming pool liner. Prefabricated pool, Malaga

Swimming pool renovation, Spain

Swimming pool renovation using Renolit Liner, Malaga

Persia Sand pool lining. AlkorPlan 3000

Persia Sand pool lining from Renolit AlkorPlan

Corroded steel panel pool

Corroded steel panel pool

We install throughout Spain and Portugal. For a quote or to discuss your requirements, feel free to contact us. It is best to plan swimming pool renovations over the off season, which allows us to plan around bad weather and other possible delays. Although the installations only take a few days, many clients leave their pool renovation projects until Spring, leaving very little time to plan things.

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