Cracked swimming pool renovation with liner, Montefrio, Granada

This pool shows typical cracks running around the top of the pool. These cracks were caused because the terrace was built on top of the pool wall.

In addition, the pool really did look in need of renovation, as it had several bad repairs and tiles were falling off. The pool lights were on the wrong wall and leaking.

The skimmer buckets were both broken, these had to be changed. As the swimming pool was so small, it was decided to just put 1 in, but with the height raised to the correct level, as the originals were too low down.

Here we used the Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 Persia Blue reinforced swimming pool liner, to provide and easy care, leak free finish.

Swimming pool reform, Granada

Swimming pool reform, Montefrio, Granada

Pool Renovation, Granada

Finished pool renovation, using reinforced liner, Montefrio, Granada

Broken skimmers and cracked pool

Broken skimmers and cracked pool structure

Installation of new skimmer

Installation of new skimmer, as part of renovation

Cracked and leaking pool repair

Cracked and leaking pool repair, Granada, Spain

If you are planning a pool renovation, it is best to discuss your requirements after summer, so that the work can be scheduled in over the off season and completed before guests come, rather than a couple of weeks before you plan to be using it! We can always try and accommodate last minute requests, but it is not always possible.