Liner installation and repair of cracked self build pool.

Many homeowners decide to build their own swimming pools. This is a great way to save money and get something exactly the way that you want it.

Many clients underestimate the forces involved in a swimming pool. If you build a wall with insufficient foundations and no steel reinforcing, maybe it gets some cracks, looks ugly, but it probably won’t fall down.

If you apply the same methods to constructing a swimming pool, it will crack, it will leak.

This pool was built very very badly.

The pool cracked almost as soon as it was filled up. The first repair involved stripping the tiles, waterproofing with a rubber paint and then retiled. Once the pool was filled, it cracked. So the owners lined it with fibreglass. This lasted about 4 years, until it got to the point that the cracks were too big and the fibre glass failed.

After this, a liner was installed, but it was put in over the polyester, which was cracked. This left the liner looking very bad. When the new owners bought the house, they decided that it had to be done properly. All the old bodges were undone and a reinforced Renolit pool liner was installed.

The pool is now water proof, in the colour that the clients like and guaranteed leak free!

Cracked pool

Self build pool, cracked

Leaking swimming pool

Repairing a cracked pool

Repairing a cracked pool

Pool crack repairs

Cracked leaking pool

Repairing pool cracks

Structural pool cracks

Cracked pool structure

If you are planning your pool works, plan it in the off season, after summer, not 2 weeks before your guests are arriving!!!

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