Swimming Pool Borders. Decorative borders, self adhesive DIY fitment

If you are looking to give your swimming pool a decorative touch, whether it is a liner pool, fibreglass, prefabricated or even a tiled pool, the range of self adhesive borders that we supply are a great choice. They are now available with shipping to all of Spain, both mainland and the islands.

These self adhesive swimming pool borders are designed by Border Choice to be easy DIY fitment.

Pool Border DIY

Installation of swimming pool border, stained pool, Spain

Installing pool border

Swimming pool border for liner pool, Murcia

DIY fitment pool border

Self adhesive border, cover staining, liner pool, Malaga

Swimming pool border. Prefabricated pool

Fibreglass pool border being installed

Swimming pool border fitment

Decorative pool border. Self adhesive

The borders are manufactured to withstand the chemicals and sun that a typical pool faces. The imaginative patterns of these swimming pool borders give a huge potential to renovate the border area of your pool, without having to drain the pool.

The swimming pool borders are applied from outside the pool. The water needs to be lowered slightly and then you can stick the border on.

The fastest and easiest way to transform your swimming pool and make it look like new again. Border Choice swimming pool borders work with pool liners, fibreglass pools and tiled pools.

Some of the questions that we get asked –

Will I be able to fit the pool border myself?

Yes – we’re really confident you can. We’ve created a set of simple step by step fitting instructions with lots of pictures to guide you each step of the way.

Will the swimming pool border fade in the sun?

No. All our swimming pool borders have a specially formulated protective coating that includes an advanced Ultraviolet filter. The filter prevents Ultravoilet (UV) light from reaching the vinyl surface of the swimming pool border.

Will the swimming pool border fall off?

No. All our swimming pool borders have an adhesive that’s been designed to be used in a normal swimming pool environment. Don’t worry about the border getting wet or being exposed to strong sunlight, it will not peel off or come unstuck.

Will the swimming pool border get stained like my liner did?

Hurrah no! All our swimming pool borders have a specially formulated protective coating to reduce dirt and suntan lotion sticking to the border around the waterline. Pool liners do not have this coating, this is what makes a big difference. (except for Renolit AlkorPlan 2000 and 3000 series liners, which are treated with lacquer to prevent staining). Pool liners supplied in kits do not have this coating

How much will it cost?

It’s very easy to work out roughly what a swimming pool border for your pool would cost. We’ve written about it here [insert link to new page]

Where are the swimming pool borders made?

All our swimming pool border are proudly made in Britain.

How much do I need to lower the water level?

There’s two different answers here, depending on which size of pool border you buy. 150mm (6in) border – lower the water level about 200mm (8in). 250mm (10in) border – lower the water level about 300mm (12in).

Do I need to get into the swimming pool to fit the border?

You can if you want to… but it’s very easy to fit from outside the pool – that’s the way we do it.

How do I clean the swimming pool border?

Gently!! All you need to do is dip a soft sponge or cloth into the swimming pool water and give the border a gentle wipe over. That’s it – no scrubbing!

How long does it take to deliver?

Delivery times vary depending on what part of the world you live in. If there’s a special occasion you really want to have your pool looking good for – we recommend you allow 15 working days from placing your order till it arrives with you.

How long will the swimming pool border last for?

We guarantee all swimming pool borders for one year. We’ve got happy customers with swimming pool borders fitted over five years ago that look as good as new today.

Will the swimming pool border cover a rip or tear in my liner?

Not really, if the liner has got to the point where it has started to split, it is probably best to consider replacing the liner with a Renolit AlkorPlan reinforced liner, which is the best quality on the market.

Can you fit the swimming pool border for me?

Sorry no. But don’t worry, it’s really not difficult to do yourself. And if you get stuck at any time whilst fitting the swimming pool border – you can give us a call and we’ll help all we can.

DIY border

Border for swimming pools

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