Cracked pool repair and renovation, Benalmadena, Malaga, Costa del Sol, Spain

This pool has a long and interesting history….

Once upon a time this was a tiny little farm house in the middle of rolling hills at the foot of the Mijas mountain, where the farmer grew vegetables, kept goats, tended vines and so on… filling his water deposit from the stream running off the mountain (which is now a dry ditch at the side of the property).

Around 45 years ago, in the early 70’s the finca was first modernised and the water deposit was converted into a swimming pool and some renovation work was done to the house and an extension.

The area erupted with building work and an urbanisation was formed around the area and roads were put in, along with mains water services.

Around 20 years ago the house was again modernised, with a lot of extensions and the building of terraces, bbq areas and so on, to fit in with the luxury pool and outdoor life that people enjoy in Spain.

At this time major work was done to the pool by enthusiastic DIY’ers. The pool walls were raised by 20cm, (so the pool would be level with existing terraces), the depth was reduced by 60cm and the pool was extended to put in the interesting seating area. At the time the swimming pool was also tiled and new plumbing was installed.

The problems started with leaks almost immediately. A swimming pool can be made bigger, by people who know what they are doing, but this was not the case here. The pool cracked all around the top where the blocks used to raise the height were not tied to the existing structure properly. The pool cracked in the joint between the new seating area and the old structure. Several attempts were made at stapling it, the pool was retiled, costing the owner many thousands in unsuccessful repairs and each time leaving the pool looking worse.

Water is a scarce resource and a leaking swimming pool is impossible to keep clean and is terrible for the environment.

To repair this pool, we have installed the fantastic Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 reinforced swimming pool membrane. It is both the cosmetic finish and the waterproofing and guaranteed by the multinational German company Renolit not to leak, no matter whether the pool is cracked or not.

I think you will agree that the transformation is stunning and the clients know that the pool is finally fixed properly and permanently.

Steps in a liner pool, Benalmadena Pueblo

Steps in a liner pool, Benalmadena Pueblo. Pool leaking and in need of reform

Swimming pool in need of renovation

Swimming pool in need of renovation in Benalmadena Pueblo

replacing broken leaking skimmers

replacing broken leaking skimmers for swimming pool in Benalmadena Pueblo

Repairing a leaking swimming pool

Repairing a leaking swimming pool using Renolit Alkorplan 3000 reinforced swimming pool liner

Installation of Renolit Swimming Pool liner, Benalmadena

Installation of Renolit Swimming Pool liner, Benalmadena, Malaga, Spain

Repairs to cracked pool finished

Repairs to cracked pool finished after installing a reinforced pool membrane

Cracked and leaking pool repaired

Cracked and leaking pool repaired in Malaga, using pool liner

Pool reform, Benalmadena, Spain

Pool reform, Benalmadena, Spain