Swimming Pool Renovation Monda, Marbella

The renovation of this swimming pool in Monda, between Coin and Marbella in the province of Malaga, Spain is now finished and looking fantastic, thanks to the PiscinaLiner team and the excellent products from the leading manufacturer, Renolit. The AlkorPlan lining system is the “best skin for your pool”.

In this pool there were several leaks. The skimmer pipes were both leaking from damaged pipework due to the ground subsiding. The subsidence had also caused the swimming pool to crack both horizontally and vertically at the shallow end of the pool.

The decision was made by the client to tackle all of the swimming pool’s leaks and cracks in one go over the winter and leave the pool looking brand new for the arrival of guests in the Spring.

The first thing repaired was the leaking pipes. The terrace had to be excavated and cut up to get access to the pipework. As stamped concrete is impossible to repair to match the rest of the terrace, we built a new area for sun loungers, using rustic tiles that are the same as other terraces and compliment the pool surround.

Inside the pool we changed the fittings to be compatible with the Renolit AlkorPlan liner and did cosmetic repair to the cracks. The inside of the pool was thoroughly cleaned and the top profile installed. After this the reinforced liner is installed. It comes in rolls and is cut and then heat welded onsite, giving a smooth easy care finish, with no regrouting needed. The best part is the 10 year warranty against leaks! True peace of mind for the homeowner, knowing that the pool is properly repaired.

The colour of this liner was Persia Blue from the Renolit Alkorplan 3000 range.

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