Renovation or repair of a swimming pool is something that has to be planned in order to get the best results.

Early planning of a swimming pool renovation gives time for the work to be planned, questions to be asked and answered to ensure that the project goes smoothly.

The swimming season in Southern Spain can be as long as 6 months, with holiday makers starting to use the pools from Easter and it is often warm enough for visitors to continue using the pool into early October without heating. With this amount of time using the pool, it only gives a few months outside of the season to schedule works, especially if the Winter happens to be particularly wet.

Even though a pool liner from Renolit is very fast and quick to fit, try not to make the mistake of asking for the quote 2 weeks before you need to use the pool! Once the weather starts to become hotter, it takes longer for the job to be done, as people can not work as fast in high temperatures. Added to this, the traffic becomes very bad, making work take longer.

Preparation is the key to enjoying your pool to its maximum, having renovated the swimming pool in the off season, you can relax knowing that everything is ready for your family and visitors to enjoy.

My swimming pool has problems or is leaking and needs work, what do I do?

  1. The first step to renovating your swimming pool is to contact us, using our quote form, so that we have all the details regarding the pool, the dimensions, the number of inlets and outlets from the pool.
  2. We will respond with a detailed quote describing the installation process.
  3. Ask us questions about your installation.
  4. Schedule the works to start!

Renovating the pool is that simple!