This pool was built around 10 years ago, in Motril, in the province of Granada.

The swimming pool had a lot of problems from the beginning, because it was not built the correct way. It is easy to think that building a pool out of concrete blocks will be more than strong enough, but if the correct reinforcing is not used and the pool is in a zone prone to ground movement and earthquakes, then it will never be strong enough to support the weight of the water.

Pool leaks of this type, normally start with hairline cracks and the water seeps out, over time these cracks in the swimming pool structure become more obvious.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to repair this type of crack, no matter what anyone says. If the structure is reinforced concrete, sometimes a repair can be made, but they are rarely successful. If the pool is built badly from blocks, then a repair is impossible.

By installing a Renolit AlkorPlan liner, the structure is guaranteed waterproof for 10 years, no matter how the ground moves, or how big the cracks in the pool get.

In this swimming pool in Motril, the client chose the amazing Persia Sand liner, the result is stunning.

If you are planning a pool project, start it now! If you wait until the season starts, like most people, you will be facing a longer wait and higher prices.