This is a short time lapse video of a complete renovation of a swimming pool for a small hotel in Santorem, just inland from Lisbon. The pool forms the focal point of the terrace for the guests.

The swimming pool was very old, as it was part of the original farmhouse. With it being so old and reliability of the pool installation being paramount, the decision was taken to use #Renolit #AlkorPlan 3000 liner, from the touch range.

Reinforced liners are the choice for commercial swimming pool applications, where longevity, reliability and low maintenance are essential.

In addition to the lining, we built new seating areas and installed all new plumbing, pump and filtration equipment. Sanitisation of the water is by salt electrolysis.

The sand coloured Touch Relax membrane perfectly compliments the patio around the pool. The water is a beautiful turquoise colour, looking very inviting.