Piscina Liner Swimming Pools

PISCINA LINER are specialists in swimming pool liner instalations, renovating old swimming pools, installing new liners. Our liners are fabricated on site from the finest products in the market place.

At PISCINA LINER we work using Renolit Alkorplan range of products. Renolit are the market leaders worldwide in Swimming Pool Liners

With more than 300 Million m² installed, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membranes are the best waterproofing solution for civil engineering, roofing, and, of course, the ALKORPLAN membranes for lining swimming pools.

Production of the waterproofing membranes is located in two different factories, one Sant Celoni (Spain) and Oudenaarde (Belgium). These membranes are used worldwide. The lining products have presence in prestigious events and significant projects, the Olympic Games uses AlkorPlan lined swimming pools. ALKORPLAN solutions are present in companies such as, BMW, Porsche, HP, Pioneer, IBM, Ikea, Carrefour, Zara, Air France, Airbus, Iberia, Sainsbury's, Danone, Tesco, McDonald's, international airports (Madrid, Heathrow Frankfurt, Oslo, Barcelona…) and railway stations (TGV de Lyon Saint Exupéry, Atocha en Madrid…).
ALKORPLAN is used in significant civil engineering projects, such us reservoirs in Barlovento (Spain) or Affourer (Morocco) and in renowned tunnels: AVE (Spain), Ferden (Switzerland), Kienberg (Austria), Motorway Machico Caniçal - Queimada (Portugal), Underground in Toulouse (France) and Viena (Austria).

ALKORPLAN 2000 Swimming Pool membranes are present in the world's premier pools, including the largest sporting clubs and those used for Olympic facilities and other prestigious events.

But, above all, ALKORPLAN swimming pool membranes are present in thousands of homes, benefiting families by improving the quality of their leisure time through the high standard of our waterproof sheeting.

With this portfolio of acheivments you can rest assured that by choosing us for your swimming pool lining, you will be in good hands.

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